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1953: Reel 4: Pakistan.

Published 1953

All rights are reserved by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Penn Museum). Any use of the footage in productions is forbidden unless rights have been secured by contacting the Penn Museum Archives at 215-898-8304, or email

This film and all of the films in the Penn Museum collection are copyrighted by the Penn Museum, and are not in the public domain.

Producer Watson Kintner
Audio/Visual silent, color


1953: Reel 4: Pakistan. Lahore. En route to Rawalpindi.

Metalworking: copper, using hand tools, skin-bag bellows.
Straightening bamboo using wooden, hand-cranked machine.
Polishing a bowl with automatic machine. Zoo scenes.
Open furnaces; the operation may be metalworking, or drawing wire, or "making glass canes".
People; note: women's ornaments.
Huts, stone troughs, cow dung for cooking.
Woman spinning using portable wooden wheel.
Preparing food around hot stove.
Grounds, canal, pavilions, buildings.
Weaving large rug on crude-loom.
Spindle or reel revolving in stone socket. (rug weaving)
Street scenes; hand-operated, wooden ferris wheel for children.
Preparing fancy dish of food.
Street scenes; woman weaving; wicker (?) cots, wicker (?) cages for sale.
Bow lathe.
Washing clothes at river by beating them.
Nomad camp; note: shelters with frames of arched sticks.
Plowing in rice fields; note: man using oxen to pull plow.
Camel caravan in a storm.


Reviewer: pourshariati - - February 8, 2012
Subject: Reply
I think the previous reviewer is confusing University of Pennylvania with Penn State. U of P is not a state owned institution. He is wrong about copyright in this case as well.
Reviewer: Thomas Corriher - - August 17, 2011
Subject: This is PUBLIC DOMAIN
The university is a public (state owned) school, and governmental agencies in the U.S. are not allowed to copyright any of their media, under any conditions. If you use this material, send them that e-mail, and then let them know to kiss your a**. They didn't even make the video! It was DONATED for PUBLIC dissemination!